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Ever wondered how you can make the most of your photo-shoot with only 3 steps?

Have you ever hired a photographer and thought “What a waste of time!”? If the answer is yes, then read on, this post is for you. And if the answer is no, well let’s see how we can keep it that way.

If you’re anything like the artists I have been working and collaborating with over the years, money is always short. And even though clearly some things need to be paid for in order to get them done properly, what if I showed you a few very simple ways to get the best out of your photographer?

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. ��Henry Ford

Kevin Mark Trail - Hopestar Album Cover

The secret behind it can be summed up in one word: Collaboration.

Let ��s Kick This Off With A Real Example ��

I thought that since she is a very talented artist, maybe we could somehow combine a strong photo of kevin denoting the concept of the song with her stunning art. So we arranged to shoot in my living room, for an hour, to keep the cost really low. The result is what I consider one of my best work, the current album cover for Hope Star.

Politeness is the poison of collaboration. ��Edwin Land

You’ll say: well it’s pretty and all, but you are friends!

Yes �� it’s true. BUT this is far from being the most important part of the story. His approach is what really made the difference. The concept was interesting first, innovative AND enticing for me too. In clear, beyond (little) money, I had a chance to contribute to an artist I believe in by working on a project that was compelling.

Very often photographers will lower their price range for the right concept.

So how do I find the right photographer to collaborate with?

Then, Get in touch with the photographer and try to arrange a meeting. It sounds silly because it’s so obvious, but meeting someone face to face creates an emotional connection and will help you figure out a lot. Is he/she nice as a person? Did they make you feel comfortable? Did they seem to understand you and your vision? Even better, did they seem enthusiastic about it all?

    How do I approach a photographer whose work i like?

    Photographers are people too. They like to know what they are getting into. Someone who is flagged as a time-waster will not deserve much attention and therefore will be quickly discarded. So establishing that you are serious about what you do will allow you to get a conversation started early on.

    Also, give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the shoot and for post production. They are two important parts of the project in itself. Once the photos have been created, they need to be finalised.

    Be open! Be genuine! Be up-front!

    So you found a photographer, what next?

    Well that’s where the interesting work begins!

    3/ enjoy the process! Usually it’s when you have tight deadlines that you end up trying to fit too much into one shoot. The overall quality of the delivery is hurt, which is absolutely counter-productive.

    Get started early on and enjoy the process!

    A few more tips?

    – Ask the photographer to speak to some of his previous clients.
    – Ask to see more of something you like.
    – Ask what happens with over time.
    – Ask how much post processing is included.
    – Take your time to make a decision.

    In conclusion, here are three ways to get the best value for your money:

    1. Be upfront about your budget or time limitations
    2. Engage and communicate with the photographer
    3. Get started planning early, be prepared.

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