Wedding: Nicole and Tobi

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There is something amazing about taking photos of a good friend’s wedding. And in this case, both Tobi and Nicole are good friends. It was a fairly intimate ceremony, at the family home. Everyone was gorgeous and the religious ceremony was highly emotional. We had a wonderful day and I hope the photos show just that!

The day started with a really relaxed time during which the bride got ready. No-one took anything too seriously:

Nicole’s sister was there too:

And her mum:

Here is the bride…:

And her gorgeous dress:

The kids were a big part of the ceremony:

Right before the ceremony started, the groom came to check his bride, and get a blessing from his dad:

And… it’s time:

Tobi waiting for his wife-to-be to come down the isle:

And they’re married!

Nicole’s dad did a very emotional speech:

And they went on to party like mad!

God I love them, they’re gorgeous people!

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