Preview: Kate and Greg’s Wedding.

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Hi All,

I’m leaving the country to get married in less than 10h, and I am trying to get my blog up to date, but I can see that I have way too much backlog. So I decided to post a couple of “preview” post, and a couple of others that have now been published. For those, i will backdate them. It’s not really the way I do things usually, but I really want to get all of this out there.

So here is a shot taken at the last wedding I shot this season, about a week ago. I have not yet post-processed anything, but this is an image I particularly liked, straight out of camera.

They were lovely, relaxed all day long. They made the day a lot easier (Especially after our car got broken into, the satnav got stole, and one of us had to wait for the police while the other one kept shooting the party and speeches!).

Watch this space for a more in depth post, with photos of the whole day, coming soon.

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