The 21st Century Light Space Modulator: A piece currently at the SouthBank Center in London,UK

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Now that’s a project that Chris and I have been working on for over 6 months and that I thoroughly enjoyed! And so I would love to write about this project in many many details but I think someone’s done it better than me already!

Havells-Sylvania, the Lighting arm of India’s largest lighting and electrical manufacturer, has commissioned an inspiring work from Jason Bruges Studio that is set to transform an underused section of London’s Southbank Centre. Located under Hungerford Bridge at Southbank Centre, the ‘21st Century Light Space Modulator’ will fuse technology and culture together to create an architecturally lit, creative space, in an area that sees 22 million visitors each year.

This is a fantastic project, and you can read more about it here: But all you need to know is already showed on the final video above. The Dance group performing is Akademi.

There is an official website for it: with lots and lots of info, photos and videos. But for now, let me put the very first video we created with interviews of the people involved:

The Inspiration Behind the project:

The Design Process:

And the last piece about the launch:

More to come soon…

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