TinEye: Or how to see where your images have been used…

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Wow peeps, I think I should have blogged about this a loooonng time ago. This is truly an exciting new tool that I advise you all to try.

TinEye is a reverse image search engine: you can find your photographs whenever, and wherever they appear on the internet. It uses a sort of “signature” of the image you submit, and then compares it to the signature of all the images referenced in their database.

In short, it works wonders! Check it out yourself with their Cool Searches. It will show you how powerful this tool is, and how amazing is the potential uses for this once it has crawled enough of the internet.

Idee Inc has come up with a free version of Tineye to start with, but they are hoping to offer a paid feature that will allow you to submit a group of images and then receive updates regularly of where and how it’s been used. There is even a plugin for both IE and Firefox!

So watch out! This is gonna be big! More info about this on their blog.

See above a quick video presentation.

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