Portrait: Kevin Leo

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Every once in a while, as a photographer, you get an opportunity to express your creativity to the full, for a person who trusts you fully. This is the best feeling in the world, and I wish that every single assignment was like that.

Back in January, when the weather was still much colder than now, we came up with the concept for this. Kevin needed to create a single image of him that would then be used on his new website. We had 90mins together in the streets of Bricklane. The shoot went smoothly and we went, on the fly, through about 5 or 6 setups. Good communication all along. And we effectively worked together to create the one image that would fit the brief.

After the shoot, and a first run through, Kevin and I created a set of under a dozen shots to choose from. At the edit stage, it’s important to take a bit of distance and re-focus. And in the end, the final image we went for is above.


And you can check his website on here: http://www.kevinleo.com – where this image is used.

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