James Taylor Quartet PR shoot is up on B&S

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Ahh this particular shoot is an interesting one actually, not so much because of who or where, but rather how. I got contacted by B&S‘s editor, Lee, a couple of months ago. We arranged for a time and place and off i went.

When I arrived at the venue, I was told *nicely* that we had to be done and out within 15mins… I thought, that’s easy enough, i’m used to that! Well that was until i realised how many people were in the band! To add to that, we were only allowed in one half of the venue…

So We chose a spot, I got the band in position, I set up my light… I used one single umbrella as there was no time or room for anymore. I even used what Mr Hobby would call a VAL (voice activated lightstand also known as the PR woman present that day) to hold the light in place at a correct angle.

Here’s a variation with only 3 of the members:

James Taylor Quartet Band Photo 3 members

And here are a couple of James on his own:
James Taylor Photo

Read the full review on B&S Magazine here after their fabulous performance at Ronnie Scott on 20/03/2013.

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