Interview: Akon for Blues And Soul Magazine

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I am pleased to see my photos up on Blues and Soul Magazine’s website from the interview we had with Akon. It’s been a few weeks I was waiting for them to appear on the site so I could proudly post it on my blog too! And the time has come!

He was all smile and really friendly when we arrived with Pete Lewis, the journalist. The interview went smoothly and I shot a few frames then. And at the end, I had the chance to spend 5 mins for a portrait session one to one. I asked him to sit by the window, his body turned to the side, and to turn his face towards me.


With a mix of ambiant light from the window and my softbox on the left side for a very subtle fill, I managed to get a very intense (IMO) portrait of him. His album is called “Freedom”, go and check it out.

And to read the whole interview, it’s over here.

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