Competition: Get a free portrait shoot!

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Hi all,

In an attempt to enhance a little my portrait portfolio, I would like to offer a free portrait session to the first say… 5 people commenting on this post! You only need to tell me that you are up for it, and when is it that you are free for an early morning session! It’s usually around 7 or 8am for a little over an hour. Oh, and you need to be in London  I suppose, or not too far 🙂

So go on, take advantage of this. There is no trick of any sort. This is pure bartering! I get a free model (probably mostly friends ahah) and you get free photos! I’ll provide you with a selection of 5 to 20 shots (depends on what comes out best!), in full size, ready for print. I can also print them for you if it makes things easier.

To see what I am offering, check the shoot with Roxane and the one with Caroline (akon as well?). The idea is to stick to that sort of thing, plus maybe a few 3/4 and full lengh shots.

Btw, first one who has taken the offer is Rachel Huggins. She is a good friend of Ilana and I, and is a wonderful and amazing artist herself. Her new album is coming out really soon, you can check her out on myspace. So Rachel, get ready for next week!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Love to all.

EDIT: No more room, all is booked. I will post some result as it comes. Thanks to all the respondants and see you all soon!

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