Some photographers to definitely check out! Part 1

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The title says it all i suppose. All of these people are just amazing photographers and their work is definitively worth checking out. So let’s start:

– David Hobby a.k.a. Mr STROBIST:

He’s basically the guys that got me into flash photography. David created a Blog where he decided to share all of his secrets on how to use flashes to light your photos like a pro. And you know what, it is an incredible source of valuable information that any photographer would want to check out.

I particularly recommend going through the lighting 101 and 102 series!

– Chris Lopez:

Chris has been the photographer for Sony music for almost 10 years and is now freelancing everywhere. He has met the biggest stars during that time, and photographed them all. His images are just incredible. And The guy is just so much fun.

I have been assisting Chris for now about a year, and each time I learn a little more. And soon I will share some of these images on here. But in the mean time, have a look at his portfolio. Just great great stuff.

– Jeremy Cowart:

Not only is he a very talented photographer, but he is also a guy that seems to keep pushing forward. He started the Help-Portrait project worldwide in which I am taking part. And you should definitely check his portfolio. The guy is gold!

– Chase Jarvis:

Well, who needs to introduce him? This guy is just doing it all right. If you ever want to become one of the best commercial photographer in the world, follow his example!

You can check out his series of video about his work, his inspiration and his business on here (also available on itunes as a podcast!). You can have a look at his portfolio for some great quality images. And of course, the blog is a great source of information about what he does, but also about how he does it 🙂

– Joey Lawrence:

Well, although i’m not a fan of all of his work, I am particularly impressed with 2 aspects: His age (21 yo!! insane!) and his African series called abyssinia.Look at the light on there, it’s just so beautifully executed.

He’s also put together a couple of tutorial DVDs available to purchase on here and Amazon.

– Scott Kelby:

Again, another amazing photographer. So much to say about him, I wouldn’t really know where to start. So check him out here.

– Joe McNally:

Probably one of the guys I respect the most. Reading his blog is just a bless. He is so knowledgeable about photography and the business of photography. Here again, so much to learn and feel inspired from.

– Vincent Laforet:

Ok, Vincent is a favorite of mine. he’s the person who did this amazing work called “reverie” using the video feature of the then pre-release of the Canon 5D Mk II (which is my camera of choice). Just a couple of days ago, he id it again with a pre-release of the 1D Mk IV, it’s called “Nocturne” and it shows off the new High ISO capabilities… No words can describe it, just check this out.

And of course his portfolio and blog.

– Zak Arias:

Amazing man, and amazing story. Zack is the kind of guy you want to be! His One light work is again out of this world. And he’s a giver. His blog is full of food for thoughts and goodies. Highly recommended too.

– Paul Bence:

A good friend of mine, and my partner in crime with all things photography. We shoot weddings together. But you should check out his Street Portrait series. Just great personalities and great photos. The guy has the magic touch 🙂

His site is up any day now, check it out here. And his new blog here.

– John Keatley:

Well, John is someone I discovered only a few days ago. I don’t know much about his. His portfolio is just really interesting. And his blog is a great insight in his photography.

– Becker:

Quirky, a little geeky but extremely cool and funny, his blog is just really entertaining. He is a great wedding photographer and you can really see his imprint on each and every photo of his. It’s a great example of how a brand and a style can take you anywhere – well, if you are as cool as him it’s a bonus too!

– Jasmine Star:

Jasmine is a wedding photographer too. And I wish I could connect as much as her when I write a new post on my blog. But she does it really well, and she makes you feel like you’re friends. It’s quite nice! But more importantly, her images are just colorful and sharp, so real and so warm. It makes you want to get married!!

And the website is here.

– Jessica Claire:

Her Blog/Site is all is one. She’s in the orange county crew with Becker and jasmine Star. And she creates great images with amazing vibrant colors and beautiful brides and grooms. And she even took the time to blog about her own experience during the preparation of her own wedding… Worth a read if you are into wedding photography.

– Flamed:

He is just an advanced amateur, I am assuming. And he is a contact of mine on flickr… the guy has an eye, really interesting photos, unconventional angles… I mean, really worth a few minutes of your time 😉

– Wilie Maercklein:

He’s another contact of mine on flickr. And he produces just amazing portraits and really special noir images… have a look and enjoy 🙂

– Todd Owyoung (ishootshows):

Well, again, some more good stuff! He’s a pro of live music photography, and does it well! You can check him out on flickr or on his blog. Loads of info sharing, and he really interacts with his readers… Go and have a look.

– Dustin Diaz:

He’s an engineer for twitter as far as i know. And he’s currently finishing off his 360 series “strobist style” ! it’s all here and here.

— right —

Ok, I was gonna add another 20 or so and thought I’d rather make another post soon. There’s enough for you guys to be busy for a while!

So, inspiring, isn’t it?

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