Paul and his new Quadras

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It’s always really cool to hang out with good people, and in this case with a fantastic photographer who I work with a lot, Misssteeeerr Pauullll Beeennnnceee! I also advise you to check out his last little baby called “Faces“. So anyway, we had a good laugh, and a play with the Quadras he bought today. And although I’m not going to do a review on these great lights (some people do that way better than me), I’ll just post a shot we took within seconds after the box was open. That’s how straight forward it was. We’ll get a chance to use those proerly in a few days, so there will definitely be more soon!

Quick note: Shot against the sun, mid-afternoon, on a sunny day (which is rare in the UK!) at full power. I only added contrast in post, after cropping, and a touch of cross-processing (Blue/Yellow). Oh, and slight vignette!

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