NEWS: Sublime Video player in HTML5 – First test with Clive Selwyn

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If like me you have a geeky side within you, you have probably heard of the new HTML5 features, and especially the possibility to natively include videos within your pages. And I’ve been playing a lot with my 5D Mk II lately, been doing my first short film as a DoP (more on that soon) so naturally, i’ve been thinking about what would be the best way to present my work.

And then I found SublimeVideo, probably the best HTML5 video player out there at the moment! And since I signed up for the beta prerelease pretty early on, I am one of the lucky tester! I received my invite an hour ago 🙂 To some IE/Opera/firefox users, really sorry but this video has been encoded in mp4 only for now, and therefore will only play in an HTML5 container on Safari (incl iPhone/iPad) and Chrome… But soon, soon! In the mean time, it will play in a Flash container.

So here is a video of our friend Clive Selwyn to get this tested! Clive organised quite a nice live music evening with loads of brilliant artists including Ilana end of last June, and they finished off with a jam on Parliament hill – all candle lit!

Let me know what you think of the Video player AND of course of clive’s performance!

[The beta being over – the sublime player isn’t available anymore – but check the video up anyway]ParliamentHillGig
So…? Pretty cool right?

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