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Hi All,

this is a little unusual but I got a slot on the 4th Plinth in Trafalguar Square. It’s this coming Friday (9th Oct. 2009) between 7pm and 8pm. For more info, read on there: – Thanks to my Girlfriend Ilana, it was her initiative (as always, she has the best ideas!)

Now, since i’ve been really lucky, it falls at the exact time of the weekly live show on Sky arts and will be streamed live (like any other “performances”) on the One And Another website as well as on sky arts. So there is a chance I’ll be interviewed as well! Me! Interviewed!? lol

Let’s really hope for no rain. Imagine the laugh! All soaking wet, for an hour up there on the plinth!

I will be doing a few things up there.

  • I’ll be taking photos, of course, of you people and the surrounding! At the end of the day I am a photographer! And I will be using a very old medium format that used to be used by press photographers in the late 1940’s. It’s a Graflex Speed Graphic Press camera, and looks every little bit old like… really old! It will be my first use since a good friend of ilana’s mum gave it to me. And it produces massive slides almost the size of an A5!
  • We’ll be doing a sing along on the song “Smile“, also known as the Charlie Chaplin song… Thx to ilana, cause i wouldn’t know how to organize that myself! So come along and learn the words, we’ll be singing our heart out! and follow her on twitter for the latest info about her upcoming events!
  • I’ll be promoting a project put together by Jeremy Cowart called Help-portrait. The idea being to find people/charities that could do with free quality portrait and give them the photos for free. It will take place on the 12th December 2009 and this will be my attempt to get as many people involved as possible! We need photographers who are willing to give their time for free. We need Locations! Photographic Studios, empty rooms or any cool place we could use on the day. Of course, all that for free! And we’ll need people to photograph: charity, youth movement, people in need… Anyone in need! I even got a T-shirt made for that which i’ll be wearing on the day!


Here is a little video to explain all about the Help-Portrait project:

For more info, here are a few links:

The One and Another website, to catch the streaming live:

The help portrait website:

The help-portrait community website to get involved:

the place I got the T-shirt made: (thx to Brian, you’re brilliant!)

My twitter (if you want to spk to me while i’m up there!):

And to spread the love, you can email or tweet and retweet this post using this shrot url:

EDIT: a little review on londonnet as well

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