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Like any creative, I constantly look for more ways to broaden my horizons and fine tune my skills on the job. It’s not that I am not satisfied with where I am since I’ve never been as busy before. It’s just that lately the Photography market has been dictating what I’d be shooting.

So I joined Beatnik Online, a wonderful adventure to me, a place where I am free to express my creativity and explore new ways of portraying people on the music scene. The team is young and motivated, passionate and very simply put: Extremely good at what they do!


So far, 2 features I have shot are online, Click on the links for the review:

Dam Funk:

Maverick Sabre:

There should be much more to come as the magazine is just launched. But since all I have been doing lately is not suitable for the blog, I thought i’d update you all on why the quietness!

Last thing, for those who haven’t already, follow me on twitter so we can connect and I can update you of all the news and interesting stuffs to come!

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