Live Music: Glenn Lewis@The Music Box – The Pigalle Club, London, UK

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Glenn Lewis’s performance at the Pigalle Club. And let me tell you it felt soooo good! I love his music since the first day I heard “World Outside My Window” in 2002. For those who do not know who I am talking about, he also had a hit from “Maid in Manhattan” called “Fall Again“.

He gave an amazing performance, full of smiles and crazy harmonies… He sang a full set and ended the night with a Jam of such a level… Everybody was begging for more.

There was also a long list of incredibly talented guests, such as Vula (from Basement Jaxx), LaDonnaZalon (Amy Winehouse’s BV) and Otto Williams on bass… And of course, Patrick Alan was our host for the evening.

Here are some shots:


here with Vula:

And for the real fans, some cool stuff uploaded by people on youtube from this very night:

I am really happy I could enjoy this evening. And Glenn, my friend, Ilana and I are happy to have you around again anytime!

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