Eric Benet Live @JazzCafe – London, UK

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Tonight was interesting for me as I haven’t been back at the jazzCafe for a long time. The few of you who read this blog regularly know that their previous management was particularly difficult with photographers for years. And I, for one, decided a while back to simply not cover any gig there.

The good news is: the new management is great. They’re professional and straight to the point. Even though there’s not any more access than before, at least there’s no doubt as to whether I’ll get in or not!

I got there “late” (about an hour before the performance) but the venue was absolutely packed to the max. All three nights are sold out. You can tell there’s a special place in londoner’s hearts for Eric Benet, this American R&B/soul singer-songwriter from Alabama. His new album’s out and he’s pushing it. And you can tell that the man was born for the stage.

Of course, as a gentleman that he is, he also invited on stage the support act, Sonna Rele, who performed one of his songs with him.


As for me, you can see I was stuck at the back with a long lens… But at least I enjoyed the show! Watch out for the review soon on Blues and Soul Magazine.

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