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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION – We introduce exciting new pop star Jagga

I love it when i show up some place to shoot an artist i’ve never heard of before, who turns out to be a top guy and who is visually interesting.

Jagga is pretty much the perfect subject for a photographer. He’s up for anything, clearly comfortable with himself and not scared of playing the game. The result – I have to admit – Is Epic! as far as i’m concerned! The Everyman Cinema in hamstead is a great location and the staff was really helpful.

IMG_0572_Ink_Blue image_001 image_002 image_003 image_004

We had overall about an hour, with a split of about 20 mins for photos and the rest for the interview Ali did on that day for the feature. It’s now up. See the photos below and the rest of the feature here: http://www.beatnikonline.net/2011/features/jagga/

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